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Resources at your finger tips to help you initiate your rewarding career in education

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your burning questions

Alternative Certification Information for State of Texas

Learn more about the steps to receive certification through an alternative certification program in Texas

Certification Areas

Explore the various certification areas you can earn as a candidate

Teach Like a Champion

Evidence-based instructional techniques you will learn as a candidate in your coursework and training

Testing Support

Resources and information on how to prepare for your certification exams

Foreign Transcripts

Information for applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree from outside of the United States

English Language Proficiency

Details on requirements and testing for applicants to demonstrate English language proficiency

ResponsiveEd Internship Placement

ResponsiveEd 180 EPP will operate across Texas in ResponsiveEd’s open-enrollment charter district, Texas College Preparatory Academies (TCPA)